Plan It Green, to build your city

Plan It Green, to build your city

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A new simulation game where is the jovator, to win, he must apply as many as possible green practices for build a city on a human scale. In this way, the untete will be forced to have to deal with thepollution also on the web: "the air of my virtual neighborhood is unbreathable ... let's see how I can change things! ".

The game is called Plan It Green: The Big Switch and was developed from National Geographic, from Gnerale Electric (GE) and from Center for Science. The idea is to use virtual games to positively influence people's conduct in real life. The idea of Plan It Green: The Big Switch it's not that original but will it be effective? In more practical terms we cannot know but certainly the player will be made aware of the issues green.

How the game works?
Have you ever played a CityVille or Megapolis? Well, the concept is the same, the player has the task of build his city, the substantial differences are that up Megapolis to build some components are required real money, while on Plan It Green it is not necessary to use a credit card and the cities that will be set up will be characterized by energy efficiency, renewables and other green strategies chosen by player.

Like any game of simulation, also on Plan It Green: The Big Switch, the player receives various tips that can be applied in the game to accumulate more points but also in real life to improve the quality of the environment in which you live or why not, even to earn something: among the tips dispensed by Plan It Green we find that of "cleaning the garage" not throwing anything away but organizing a market or a barter. The most classic suggestion is that of recycle items with ad hoc ideas for various components, plus Plan It Green dispenses news on the real world by informing the user that in that particular country there are tax incentives to build houses a low impact and so on ... We hope that many will take advantage of the game!

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