Spiga Smart Street: the green Milan

Can a road be smart? Maybe not, but it can certainly become more beautiful and welcoming, offer more accessible services to citizens and cost less for lighting. A street like this - smart is the right definition - you see it in Milan and it's called Street of the Ear, in the fashion district, now also the first Smart Street Multiservices of Italy.

Spiga Smart Street is the title of the event that opens on Tuesday 9 April from Tiffany & Co., in via della Spiga in Milan, where the project of the first will be presented to the public Smart Street Multiservizi Italiana: a road to the future, an intelligent road. The light installations that from Via della Spiga will frame the Design Week.

Spiga Smart Street, the details will be discussed on April 3 at a press conference, is a project of intelligent lighting based on efficiency, sustainability and energy saving that creates services tailored to the person-citizen-tourist-client in one of the most elegant and renowned areas of Milan.

Spiga Smart Street it means, among other things, the optimization of public lighting with a saving of about 30% compared to current expenditure, and an improvement in services. Technically this was possible thanks to technology Minos System by UMPI applied to lighting fixtures of the type Levante Medium 40 Led street optic provided by Cariboni Lite (Cariboni Group).

Spiga Smart Street is a project sponsored by the municipality of Milan and fromFriends of via Spiga Association, with the collaboration of Fastweb, Umpi, Samsung, Cariboni Group, Renault, Imq, Blanchère.

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