Air mobility, electric motors arrive

Air mobility, electric motors arrive

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When it comes to aviation, sustainability is aimed at by developing more efficient engines, the electrification of aircraft is still a long way off! While in Russia they are aiming forsolar power to power airplanes and in Piedmont they develop super-powerful engines for the jets of the future, a prototype aircraft arrives from the Czech Republic with electric motor. The protagonist is the Evektor and the plane in question is called SportStar EPOS.

The first flight took off from Kunovice airport, Czech Republic. The plane remained in the air for ten minutes even though the estimated range should be around 60 minutes. The plane SportStar EPOS is a two-seater aerodynamically optimized to fit the electric motor and equipped with a new type of trapezoidal wing with an extended field.

The electric motor that powers the "biplane" is 50 kW, electricity is provided by two pairs of lithium polymer batteries, each of which is composed of 45 cells. L'electrification of flights represents a delicious dish for all airlines: it is estimated an economic saving due to the lack of fuel of about 75-80%!

The electric motor dictates the technical specifications that see a maximum speed of 3,000 rpm, a speed, in cruise mode, of 93 MPH and a maximum speed of 161 miles per hour. The plane should be able to fly for a maximum time of one hour even if no actual data has been released.

THE flights powered by electricity represent an excellent opportunity for airlines but also for private customers. We are not talking about future mobility but an almost concrete opportunity that can be exploited by aeronautical schools, an electric biplane can be perfect for the initial training of a pilot!

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