Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

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Today April 22 is the Earth Day, not intended as an element but as a planet. In fact, our planet is at the center of attention (hopefully not only today) with the threats to which it is subjected and the risk of exhaustion of its resources. Earth Day 2013, the Earth Day wanted by the United Nations, it is celebrated every year on April 22 in memory of a very specific event.

Why is April 22nd Earth Day? There is indeed a historical event to justify this date, and it is the great mass demonstration in which millions of American citizens participated on 22 April 1970 at the appeal of the Democratic senator Gaylord Nelson. Many took to the streets and united in the squares to demonstrate against pollution and the frenzied consumption of resources and it was the first time in history.

The automatic counter on the website of Earth Day it was reset at midnight after a long countdown and today leaves room for reflections on the future of the earth, also translated in Italy in many initiatives in the area. Many associations and groups that have organized initiatives on the occasion of Earth Day, but never enough.

Profound meaning of the Earth Day it is the no to any form of pollution that damages the planet, of indiscriminate and often foolish consumption of resources, of a threat to the life of humans, plants and animals. Purpose of Earth Day is to take steps towards solutions against the degradation of the Earth and in favor of spreading the answers already known: an end to the oil economy, recycling, a ban on harmful chemicals, the search for green energy and saving of resources.

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