What is missing in an electric car

Don't be fooled by the title, this article is not meant to be an anti-innovation controversy, rather we will shed light on a study conducted in Germany.

Having a'electric car it means Save Money for the fuel but also from mechanic! THE electric engines they are made up of few parts and are easier to fix, while conventional car engines are made up of hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of components. For this and other reasons, research suggests that the electric cars they can cut maintenance costs by at least 35 percent compared to what is required for a petrol / diesel car.

The study was conducted by the Institute for Automotive Research (IFA) and the University of NĂ¼rtingen-Geislingen, in southern Germany. The research concluded that owning aelectric car brings enough economic benefits to pay off the initial purchase investment.

It is true, the initial cost of aelectric car may still seem too high, however the study has found that in a period of eight years, only on maintenance, aelectric car brings a economic saving of 3,650 euros. The research compared aelectric car to anconventional car, calculating a relatively low annual mileage of 5,000 kilometers. It goes without saying that the more kilometers you travel, the sooner the initial investment will be amortized.

THE electric vehicles they lack numerous components traditionally found on internal combustion vehiclesin addition, the brakes and other mechanical components, in aelectric car, they tend to last longer. Even the car manufacturers have noticed this advantage, so much so that Ford has compiled a list of components that are not present on its Focus Electric. Some of the mechanical parts absent in the electric cars are: muffler, spark plugs, oil pan, air filter, fuel filter, clutch, alternator, radiator, serpentine belt, starter motor, thermostat, timing belt, water pump ... So whoever owns aelectric car you will no longer have to worry about the radiator, at most it will have to replace the battery when it has exhausted its charging cycles.

Drive aelectric car brings a lot of benefits:
- purchase incentives
-free transit in the ZTL
-zero noise pollution
- greatly reduced CO2 emissions
-Reduced maintenance costs
- large cut on fuel costs

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