Energy saving

Geothermal energy in Ferrara

In Italy thegeothermal energy it is not valued at all. A project that started in Naples a few years ago, the deep drilling project of Campi Flegrei, ended in a stalemate. Today the spotlight is on Ferrara and on a plan for the low enthalpy geothermal energy. The project of Ferrara can count on European funds dedicated to the creation of geothermal systems.

There European Commission to break free from addiction to fossil fuels is investing heavily in alternative energies, geothermal included. In this sense, two projects have been developed: Geopower and Legend, will be part of the Legend project that will benefit Italy, especially the province of Ferrara, Teramo and the Puglia Region. There low enthalpy geothermal energy is the basis of the two energy projects and Legend provides for the installation of ten pilot plants in schools.

The funds allocated to the province of Ferrara are 460 thousand euros. These must be invested for the preparation of a low enthalpy geothermal plant at an educational institution. The plant will produce clean energy starting from the thermal gradient (temperature difference) present between the surface soil and the subsoil. It is sparse, the greatest in any type of building energy expenditure is dictated by HVAC systems, so thelow enthalpy geothermal plant will provide for the energy needs for temperature control, providing heating during the winter and air conditioning during the hot hours.

An important step for Ferrara, especially in line with the EU Directive, which establishes that from now to 2014 every year 3% of public buildings will have to carry out energy requalification. The target set by 2020 provides for a saving of 368 million tons of oil equivalent.

"Ferrara is destined to increase its know-how in increasingly key sectors such as the environment, therenewable energies, blue economy and everything that has to do with the concept of the sustainability of our economic model ". This is how Stefania Leoni, regional contact person for European territorial cooperation projects, comments.

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