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Here comes the calendar to pay homage to Mother Nature

Here comes the calendar to pay homage to Mother Nature

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On 23 December at the Groove, a pre-Christmas evening under the banner of photography he was born in bike sharing. The 11 photographers who sign the 12 author shots they make are back on display ECO / LOGIC. This is the 2013 calendar dedicated to Nature interpreted through the female figure. ECO / LOGICHE is the 2013 calendar that Space Tangram strongly wanted to pay homage to Planet Earth and Mother Nature.

Eco / Logiche is headed by Michele Del Vecchio and collects the signatures of 11 photographers, indeed, photographers to emphasize the all-female nature of the work! Between the game of role-playing and the live-view This environmentally friendly calendar was born from the Nature theme, printed in 500 copies on recycled paper.


The evening of 23 December will see on display both the twelve shots taken by the 11 emerging photographers of the Campania landscape and the sale of the calendar to finance the project Bike sharing with whom CleaNap won the contest "Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation"For the category" Social Innovation Projects "promoted by non-profit entities under 30, banned by the Ministry of Education.

The twelve shots are the moral and scratchy slap in the face of the abuse offemale image in showbiz and, at the same time, the sponge sweep that sweeps away the image of the woman, the protagonist in the past decades of the scenes: from the stages to the covers of magazines.

ECO / LOGIC aims at the expression of the beauty of small gestures, at the representation of the harmony of the planet and at the creativity and imagination of looking at the future twelve months of the year with a more environmentalist vision.


Useful Info:
Vernissage. Sunday, December 23, 2012. 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. At the Groove (ex Momah), Via Vito Fornari, 15. Naples. Those interested will be able to purchase the calendar at a price of 10 euros. Entry on List.

The photographers:

  • Antonella Salvarezza
  • Carla Buccino
  • Diana Lauro
  • Francesca Romana Smyrna
  • Ludovica Bastianini
  • Manuela Mancini
  • Roberta Pacifier
  • Serena Faraldo
  • Serena Marra
  • Tiziana Mastropasqua
  • Tonia Capriello

Video: Live Healing - The Song of Mother Earth (June 2022).


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