Recycled aluminum bike

The company ReCycle is promoting a campaign to launch its first racing bike 100% aluminum recycled. L'recycled aluminum it is not the only gem of the bicycle ReCycle, the bike has interesting innovations that improve its performance and riding experience.


The most prominent environmental feature is undoubtedly the construction material, 100% aluminum recycled and a saddle that does not need gel to be comfortable because it is composed of cork, a soft material by nature. Some of the models ReCycle they will be equipped with straps instead of the chain, together with the saddle, the knobs will also be in cork.

The company has started its campaign on Kickstarter, here, supporters can finance the activity of ReCycle buying t-shirts, gadgets for cyclists, making free donations or they can buy a prototype of bicycle, so as to be among the first to pedal such a vehicle. With 1,500 euros you can buy the bike ReCycle while with an investment of 3,800 euros it will be possible to take home all three models that make up the ReCycle bicycle collection. In fact it is true, the only drawback is the price!


The three models are called "Moshi Moshi", "Mudmaste" and "Mbula". The high prices will certainly not entice cyclists to buy recycled aluminum bicycles but they will allow a company to start mass production. With Kickstarter, the startup ReCycle will be able to give life to the first production cycle and thus begin the diffusion of recycled aluminum bicycles, so… better start putting ours aside cans of Burn and perfect ours recycling aluminum.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that Italy holds the world record for aluminum recycling and the export of this recycled material abroad. To improve aluminum storage it is possible to use special presses and participate in remunerated collections.

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