Melting glaciers, the situation is worrying

Melting glaciers, the situation is worrying

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In both poles, lo melting glaciers it has risen tragically. Greenland and Antarctica are losing their glaciers, polar species are at risk not to mention sea levels. The rate of loss of the glaciers of the Greenland it has increased almost five times since the mid-1990s. The studies were supervised by Erik Ivan of the Jet Lab's NASA at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Erik Ivan and Professor Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds led the project based on satellite measurements provided by NASA. The melting glaciers Greenland has helped raise global sea levels by 11.1mm since 1992.

The study highlighted changes in the rhythm of the melting glaciers. Two thirds of the ice loss affects Greenland and the rest to Antarctica. Overall, Greenland and Antarctica are losing glaciers which cause the equivalent sea ​​level rise of 0.95 mm per year, compared to 0.27 mm per year recorded in 1990.

The study combines the observations recorded from 10 satellite missions, the research team is developing the first measurement consistent with the real changes in the expanses of the polar glaciers. The experts of the climate, in 2007 released some data, but the studies were not detailed enough, which is why the new analysis felt the need to examine the data recorded by as many as ten satellite missions.

The new estimates are twice as detailed thanks to the increase in the number of satellites involved. The study was funded byEuropean Space Agency (ESA) and NASA and involved 47 researchers from 26 laboratories around the globe. The results are worrying: both Antarctica and Greenland are losing glaciers.

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