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Energy efficiency pays!

Energy efficiency pays!

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We have already looked at the prices of photovoltaics, we know how much it costs install a solar system but what we don't know is how long the economic return on investment takes. Also in terms of energy efficiency, lighting a energy saving pay? Above all, how long does it take to recover the initial investment?

The renewable energies, in particular the photovoltaic, combined withenergy efficiency, pay and how! The economic return occurs in a very short time and after this period of time dedicated to the recovery of the invested funds, the gain is assured. For example, the city of Livorno, with the replacement of 468 luminous bodies save 68,142 kWh every year. Think about whether these energy-efficient lighting systems were associated with them photovoltaic panels!

The striking example comes from Fugas SpA, which through the team of Aba Impianti, has planned interventions of energy efficiency with led lamps e photovoltaic systems. The company, planning the replacement of about 250 2x58W ceiling lights, with LED lamps 58W, combined with a photovoltaic system of 80.74 kW already installed, has provided for an economic return on investment in less than 2 years. The estimate also took into account future maintenance interventions!

The forecast was made taking into account the annual inflation cost, the savings related to the energy consumed annually - significantly reduced with the installation of LED technology -, the gain relating to the energy fed into the grid and produced byphotovoltaic system valued at € 0.12 / kWh.

With the installation of theLED plant, the company will record declines in energy consumption which will go from the current 87,703 kWh, to only 37,809 kWh! The economic savings are considerable!

The graph shows how, thanks to the use of photovoltaic, the payback times for Fugas will be less than 2 years, compared to the three expected in the event that only the savings related to the use of the Led technology.

Wanting to compare the annual expenditure foreseen by a lighting system of equal intensity and size, which uses LED technology and classic Neon lighting, it will be seen that annually, with LED technology, costs will amount to € 7,561 compared to € 17,540 for neon lighting: the savings guaranteed byenergy efficiency of LEDs is 9,978 euros! As for consumption, for the LED system they will amount to only 37,809 kWh, against the 87,703 kWh required by neon lighting.

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