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Pesaro, we talk about the Solar Purchase Groups

Pesaro, we talk about the Solar Purchase Groups

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A public meeting to discuss the experiences gained with thepurchase of solar, the conference is entitled "Solar purchasing experiences in Italy and possible development of the initiative in Pesaro"And was organized by the Municipality of Pesaro within the SEA-R project, co-financed by the European Union. The conference will be the ideal opportunity to put the success stories in Italy under the magnifying glass, so as to set an example for the Marche region.

The meeting will be held on Saturday 26 January in Pesaro, from 10.30 to 13.30, at the San Giovanni Library Via Passeri, 102. The conference will be attended by, among others, EnergoClub Onlus, an association engaged in the training and development of Solidarity Purchase Groups. The formation of GAS (solidarity buying groups) it is increasingly intensifying in Italy.

Consumers manage to reap concrete benefits such as economic savings highly competitive, comparison and benefits in many sectors, technologies included: the principle of GAS is applied to technological products and services, including photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, systems forenergy efficiency

For Gianfranco Padovan, president of EnergoClub, who will take part in the Pesaro conference, with the vice-president of the Treviso association Francesco Pasqualin, with the intervention Strength and impact of collective experiences towards 100% of green energy, "the Photovoltaic Purchasing Groups have had and will have a very relevant socio-economic role, as in the phase of diffusion of the technology, when costs were high, they contributed to calm prices, favoring the spread of plants and in the current phase they prevented potential users from moving away for the difficulty of following the whirlwind of implementing laws and decrees ".

A few figures
EnergoClub Onlus has been operating since 2008 offering various services. To date, it has provided advice to over 1,500 families and completed over 900 solar systems for a total of 4 MW of installed power. The experience of the EnergoClub Onlus team led to the realization of the project Sole on the Net, a network of Photovoltaic Purchasing Groups (GAF) with the aim of supporting families and small businesses that intend to benefit from the advantage ofsolar power.

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