Energy saving

Biofuels from Beer

There beer, for many kids, more than a fuel it is one lifeblood. We see that theAlaskan Brewing Company has taken on the same philosophy but with a more technical and responsible approach. In Alaska, wheat from the brewing process is employed as energy source for the same breweries.

L'Alaskan Brewing Company is famous for its craft beer. Company co-founder Geoff Larson has demonstrated his commitment to improving the impact of the brewery on the local community and did so by exploiting a biofuel: “Our company, in order to grow here in Alaska and continue to have a positive impact on the community, had to look beyond traditions in order to adopt a more innovative production process. This served to reduce the energy consumption of our company, a fundamental step to preserve the beauty of the place where we live. "

There beer it has already been used as an energy source with a rather particular fermentation process (find out more here). The difference is that in this case, the wheat obtained from the beer production process is used as a fuel source so as to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels. According to brewery, with the introduction of this biofuel, the company will cut the use of fossil fuels by more than 50 percent.

In Alaska there are not many farms, therefore the waste grain was exported to the area in the north-west of the Pacific, so the production chain also had to add the CO2 emitted by the transport of waste materials. To facilitate the use of wheat such as biofuel, the Alaskan Brewing Company will probably have adopted some strategies to reduce the amount of water, malt and hops from spent grains and products. Organic waste materials with low moisture content work best as biofuels, for this operation, in 2008 a Belgian technique was introduced with the use of a press filter.

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