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In Milan, do the right thing! 2013

In Milan, do the right thing! 2013

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Furniture with environmental certifications, design objects made with recycled material, solutions for pets and a space dedicated to modern day luxury, the vegetable gardens! L'vegetable garden is an invaluable asset, thanks to it the family can prepare forself-production of healthy and wholesome food to bring to the table.

Do the right thing! with its section "Living Green ", offers all the news to live the house in a way sustainable. Green furniture, design, pets and a space dedicated to the world of vegetable gardens. With this 2013, Do the right thing! celebrates ten years of life and celebrates from 15 to 17 March, at fieramilanocity, Milan. The appointment is organized by Terre di mezzo Events and Together in the Terre di mezzo Onlus. Last year's edition saw the participation of over 67,000 visitors, 700 exhibitors and 2000 students from 100 schools of all levels.


"The section Living Green will present the new trends for living their spaces in a sustainable way. Ecodesign for furniture, solar panels, insulation systems for energy saving, natural detergents for zero-impact cleaning and domestic composters, but also simple and effective solutions to create your own vegetable garden on the balcony.”

Abandoned objects find new value with the UseDesign collections which represent one of the novelties of this year. What importance can wooden fruit and vegetable boxes have? A value comparable to the furniture and everyday objects offered by Girocambiando, to play, work both at home and in the office. Some examples can be viewed in ours Photo gallery.

As with past editions, this year too a Do the right thing! there will be solutions for pet-friendly. Lovers of four-legged friends can count on exhibition areas and workshops where guests can learn how to self-produce games for animals with recycled material. The workshops are organized by Milano Natura.


Unmissable topics:
vegetable gardens and gardens, with home composting course, arboriculture workshops and complete kits to make your own vertical garden
- digital self-production, where the protagonist will be the technology of 3D printers
-gastronomy, with cake design and sourdough laboratories. There will be tastings!

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