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In Germany, the first algae house

In Germany, the first algae house

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A building that uses plant organisms for energy sustenance. It is not science fiction but reality, the building will be ready by next March 31st. Is called Biq - Das Algen Haus and incorporates, in the facade, a bioreactor which guarantees thermal insulation, provides biomass for energy production and shade for sunny days. Algen Haus it is located in Germany, in Wilhelmsburg, a few kilometers from Hamburg. It is the first building fully powered through the algae bioreactor.


Das Algen Haus, literally "The house with Algae", is a five-storey building where the walls are covered with glass panels necessary for the cultivation of microalgae that grow inside them. The microalgae, thanks to the process of photosynthesis, absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide creating a shading system.

The algae play a dual role; generate the biomass through which it is produced thermal energy to heat the rooms of the building and provide hot water. The structure suitable for cultivation of microalgae works as acoustic and thermal insulation: thanks to the shading, the building is able to keep lower temperatures in summer and take advantage of the heat produced by biomass to heat the building during the winter.

How does algae produce heat?
The algae provide biomass, from which, in a nearby plant a biogas, is extracted methane; at the same time heat is produced which is reintroduced into the building. There House in Algae guarantees a net gain of approximately 4,500 kWh of energy per year. In other words, the algae facade could provide the energy needed to meet the electricity needs of a family of at least 4 people.


With the algae house you can talk about bioelectricity. An excellent step forward for the green building than with special biorettaori manages to:
- CO2 storage in the form of biomass
-production of methane, as a renewable energy source, from biomass
- heat production
-the bioreactors they control lights and shadows, provide sound insulation and protect the building from the cold.

Video: Bubbling algae to timber cubes: IBA eco buildings in Hamburg (May 2022).


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