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Nature Award 2013: here are the magnificent seven

Nature Award 2013: here are the magnificent seven

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The clothing chain second hand for childhood tricycle (clothing category); there Opel Ampera (car category); Sant’Anna Bio Bottle (category beverages for children); Waste Recycling (waste management category). And for public bodies: the Municipality of Castellarano (RE), the Municipality of Massarosa (LU) and the Municipality of Montechiarugolo (PR).

These are the seven winners of the Nature Award 2013, the annual award dedicated to the most attentive products and services to the environment and ecology. Natura Award is an important appointment in world of eco-sustainability to which all products and services can subscribe, regardless of their temporal presence on the market.

The characteristics that are evaluated by Premio Natura concern both the ways in which the products are made and the intrinsic content and the collateral initiatives promoted. The winners of the Nature Award first pass the evaluation of a Scientific Committee composed of editors of periodicals and university professors, and then the judgment of a sample of 10,000 Italians through a research carried out by Green Intelligence.

tricycle was awarded for the very low presence of carbon dioxide (CO₂) generated by 0 km transport within each store, for a limited energy consumption and above all for the particular philosophy that characterizes the brand tricycle. The shop furnishings are made with recycled wood, the lamps are low consumption and the website compensates for the CO₂ by favoring the planting of fruit trees.

Opel Ampera was awarded because it represents a new concept of mobility: zero emissions for maximum respect for the environment, extended autonomy for unlimited freedom. It is an electric car that uses an advanced propulsion system powered by a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Using this energy, the Opel Ampera has CO₂ emissions of 0 for the first 80 km.

Sant’Anna Bio Bottle is the first mineral water bottled in a special container produced with the Ingeo biopolymer which is obtained from the fermentation of sugars present in plants rather than oil. It preserves the advantages of traditional plastic (manageability, practicality and strength) and optimally preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the product, without using even a drop of oil.

Waste Recycling has been managing special hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and solid waste for companies for over 20 years. It has chemical analysis, control and research laboratories in collaboration with the chemistry faculty of the University of Pisa. Through the Scart project (, created in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Waste creates, using only waste, furniture components, clothes, musical instruments, objects.

The Municipality of Castellarano was awarded for the quality of its proposals on land management, ecological footprint, waste, mobility and new lifestyles. The attention is evidenced by: solar panels on roofs, former landfill, energy efficiency in public buildings, energy counter for citizens, municipal purchasing group for photovoltaics, door-to-door waste collection, home composting, eco-parties , raw milk distributors, detergents on tap, car-pooling, piedibus and bicycle rental.

The Municipality of Massarosa, in the Lucca area, has decided to focus on clean energy by building in particular photovoltaic systems on the ground, while avoiding to steal fertile soil from agriculture. He has created photovoltaic and solar thermal systems covering the roofs of public buildings, schools, sports facilities, institutional offices. LED technology has been adopted for public lighting. The school canteens are eco-sustainable (water in jug, short supply chain and organic products).

The Municipality of Montechiarugolo has adopted LED technology for public lighting. He is committed to renewable energy, green purchases for the needs of the Administration, organic and zero km canteens for schools, energy saving, waste reduction and recycling, protection of public resources and the soil, in the shared use of territory and sustainable mobility.

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