A little bit of Italy in the Gorgon Project

The operation of the Redscan laser scanners for the protection of the Gorgon module

There is a lot of Italian work in Gorgon project, the new natural gas (LNG) extraction and liquefaction plant from gas reserves located off the western coast of Australia. One of the most important components of the system, the first of the five modules intended for the generation of electricity, was in fact built in the workshops GE Oil & Gas (General Electric Group) of Avenza district, in Massa Carrara.

The industrial module, a technological giant weighing 2300 tons, 28 meters high, 50 long and 21 wide - basically the size of an 8-storey building - he left in recent days for Australia after stopping in the port of Carrara for four days in quarantine.

The quarantine, because that was what it was, was necessary to avoid harming with harmful bacteria the flora ofBarrow Island, on which the system will be installed, one unspoiled nature reserve for 8000 years.

Given the importance of what is at stake, there were many precautions. The goal of absolute protection in this extremely delicate quarantine phase, in which any intrusion into the reclamation area would have caused serious damage to the entire operation, was achieved with the use of four laser scanner for maximum safety applications.

These laser scanners, like Redscan and provided by HESA, they are devices with a size of only 30 centimeters and easy to install, able to create a real one electronic wall. The scanner basically scans all the timeof the area to be controlled and through a particularly sophisticated algorithm can detect distancesize, shape, speed and direction of a moving subject, recognizing with precisionpets, people and objects.

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