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Earth Hour 2013. The World in the Dark

Earth Hour 2013. The World in the Dark

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On 23 March, at 8.30 pm, the world turns off for an hour: monuments, houses, offices, cities ... everything will remain in the dark to witness the commitment of the population, governments and organizations, in the fight against climate change. It stays in the dark to promote one sustainable lifestyle.

Can a small gesture change the fate of humanity?
For WWF, yes, if the entire global community is involved in concrete actions of sustainability. Last year, theEarth Hour it involved 2 billion people in 7,000 cities and 152 countries around the world. L'Earth Hour it is not limited to that period of time that starts on Saturday 23 March from 20.30 to 21.30, as every year, to accompany the event there is no shortage of ancillary events: a dense series of special initiatives to mark the urgency to change things.

In January 2013 the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere reached record figure of 305 parts per million. TO shout Alarm they are not only environmentalists but also the scientific communities, authoritative scholars and international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and the World Economic Forum.

"The climate change is pressing faster than scientists predicted and the actions of governments are too slow to stop a risk that endangers Nature and human civilization itself - said Mariagrazia Midulla, Head of Climate and Energy of WWF Italy - Earth Hour it is a unique opportunity to give a voice and mobilize the entire global community, for everyone to do their part and to demand that governments take the climate crisis as their top priority, before it is too late. We need to move to a decarbonised New World, based on savings, efficiency and renewable. Citizens, cities, businesses will be an active part of it and their voice will be able to shift world politics. With thousands of challenges launched by every continent, we give an example of how we can act, concretely and every day, to give life on the planet a future. "

Video: Dubais tallest tower powers off for Earth Hour (June 2022).


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