Frugality in transport and regional lakes

Frugality must be the password in the transport infrastructure planning in Lombardy and Italy in the coming years. This was suggested by the Lombard regional councilor for Infrastructure and Mobility Andrea Gilardoni opening the presentation of the research on March 4th at Bocconi 'The infrastructures of the future: reflections for the governments that will seek' carried out by its department at local and national level.

What is frugality we all noticed, alas, but in what sense in infrastructure? In the sense, explained Gilardoni - who is also director of the Political Analysis and Public Management Department at Bocconi - that Italy will have to start immediately strengthen public transport by rail, conclude the works already started and start a deep reflection on how to build the infrastructures in the near future. Few cabbage to browse, in short.

"We meet - said the councilor - facing a complex picture: not only are there fewer public financial resources, because the historical model based on public funding is practically finished, but our country is also struggling to attract large international investors due to bureaucracy, uncertainty and the complexity of the authorization processes ".

"But yet - continued Gilardoni focusing on Lombardy - our region has significant infrastructural needs and the studies made by the observatory on the costs of not doing clearly show that, if certain works are carried out, well-being is generated for the entire community. We therefore need to find new ways to build, with a view to updating and rationalizing ".

With the advent of smart city, also the public infrastructures must be 'clever works’. “The future cannot be made only of concrete and steel - underlined the regional councilor - but also the ability to plan the integration between the new and the existing. Just as it is necessary to rapidly extend ultra-broadband to the entire Lombardy region, because this is a condition of development that cannot be eliminated ".

Gilardoni touched on the theme of navigation of inland waters: "The lakes - said the councilor - they are the jewels of the crown of Italy and, also in view of Expo, we must strive to make the most of them. To this end, I believe that it would be useful for the management of navigation, currently under the governmental competence, to be passed on to the Region, which is better able to interpret the needs of the territory ”.

The conference The infrastructures of the future of 4 March in Bocconi had a rich panel of speakers: Corrado Passera (Minister of Infrastructure and Transport), Alessandro Pansa (CEO Finmeccanica), Giuseppe Bonomi (SEA President), Luigi Legnani (AD Trenord), Fabrizio Palenzona (President Assoaeroporti), Pietro Ciucci (President ANAS), Giovanni Castellucci (AD ASPI), Michele Pizzarotti (Vice President Pizzarotti), Pietro Guindani (Chairman of the Board of Vodafone), Carlo Michelini (Senior Partner CIO F2i), Giovanni Fattore (Bocconi University), Andrea Sironi (Rector of Bocconi University).

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