Energy saving

Panasonic heat pumps

The heat pumps are becoming extremely popular among users looking for systems heating reliable and with the utmost energy efficiency. Among the most "popular" products are the Panasonic heat pumps with the range Aquarea which from this year will be able to count on new models even more efficient. Who decides to install a home conditioning, can evaluate the purchase of one heat pump high energy efficiency.

The Aquarea heat pumps they manage to deliver energy performance above average. The new models proposed are 3 and 5 kW dual-block and 6 and 9 kW monobloc. The energy saving it is assured, in fact, these devices have been designed for housing who want to meet the high standards of energy efficiency. Some models are meant for those who live in condominium with extremely quiet units.

Some technical data:
the “hot only” and “hot cold” models of 3/5 kW. Panasonic's patented refrigeration cycle and flow control are combined with a high efficiency R2 inverter and heat exchange module to deliver a remarkable energy saving. The new Aquarea is ideal for underfloor heating needs. With no need for a large or back-up heat pump to heat the house to -7 ° C, a 3 kW or 5 kW unit will deliver the desired result. In fact, the Aquarea 3.2kW model has a COP (coefficient of performance) of 5 at a temperature of 7 ° C and is able to maintain capacity and efficiency at external temperatures starting from -20 ° C.”

The heat pumps they are also intuitive, innovative and above all easy to manage. There management of heat pumps can be done through a remote control provided by IntesisHome, the system that Panasonic has developed to allow you to monitor and manage the home temperature with your smartphone. The application is available for both iPhone OS and Android OS.

Video: Introduction to Panasonics AQUAREA Heat Pumps (October 2020).