A chandelier of test tubes

The Polish designer Pani Jurek he knows how to combine recycling is creativity. With his intellect and a variety of test tubes in disuse, Pani Jurek has made a chandelier which can be filled with anything.

The designer was inspired by his compatriot Marie Curie, Nobel laureate in physics and chemistry, it is thanks to this muse that he decided to employ a series of laboratory test tubes to build a delicious chandelier.

The nice thing about the chandelier is that the tubes can be filled with anything, so the chandelier it can become a plant holder or a collector of liquids and small objects capable of reflecting light in different intensities and colors. The laboratory test tubes they are perfect for hosting long-stemmed plants and flowers, even simple garden ivy manages to make a brilliant figure.

The chandelier consists of two bands of test tubes, the concentric bands can vary their arrangement. By changing the arrangement of the bands and the contents of the tubes, it will always be possible to repeat a chandelier brand new and undoubtedly… original!

Video: Chemistry experiment 49 - Whistling Test Tube: reaction between sulfur and iron (October 2020).