Italo speaks Veneto and opens a house in Mestre

Trains like more and more and Italo house also opens in Mestre. After Padua, this is the second service center for the assistance and information of Travelers who Ntv opens in Veneto. The initiative is accompanied by the launch by Ntv of a package tailored to the needs of travelers in the North East.

From Veneto, Bologna and Florence coast to coast by subscription on Italo. On the Bologna-Padua-Venice line, Ntv campaigns are in fact active with assigned seats in Smart class at affordable prices: 60 trips per month at 144 euros between Venice and Padua, 214 euros between Padua and Bologna and 274 euros between Venice and Bologna.

Until the end of March there is also a special package of promotions on Italo: round trip on the Venice-Rome to 130 euros in Prima and 176 in Club; than for the trafficking Padua-Rome become 118 and 166 euros respectively.

Another 'March' promotion: for the whole month i Italo trains departing from Bologna or Florence direct to Padua or Venice (and vice versa) the second passenger pays half on all rates. This offer is valid for those who book a trip for two in Smart or Prima.

And again, traveling in the North East in Smart with Italo becomes more convenient: Padua-Bologna is Venice-Bologna at 12 euros, Padua-Florence at 17, in addition to the existing promotions Venice-Rome at 35 euros and Padua-Rome at 30 euros.

In January and February 2013 Italo carried 859,414 passengers on 2,727 trains with a punctuality rate within 15 minutes of 94.2% (in 2012 the average rate was 93.25).

On 30 March 2013, the last of the 25 trains planned by Ntv enters service, thus completing the planned ramp up of 50 connections between 12 stations in 9 cities. The service on the Adriatic line, la Milan-Ancona.

Video: Tram journey from Mestre Centro to Venice (October 2020).