Energy saving

France towards clean energy

There France could become a nation 100% renewable.
It is true, currently more than 70 per cent of France's energy needs are met by nuclear energy. Electricity in France is relatively cheap and in the textbooks they deal with nuclear, this nation is seen as a role model to follow. So where do the clean energies?

There France faces a big problem. The nuclear plants set up until today could count on government funding. The French government implemented a massive investment plan between 1970 and 1980 to ensure the growth of the nuclear sector. For the nuclear, the era oflow cost energy it's over and i prices they are destined to rise.

When i nuclear reactors will have reached the deadline of life cycle it will be difficult for the plant to continue to operate, they do not exist government incentives and find private lenders who can finance an upgrade rector it's really unlikely. An alternative? Dismantle the nuclear power plants at the end of their life and replace with renewable plants and energy storage systems.

This scenario was hypothesized by the French négaWatt with a projection that sees the disappearance of the nuclear by 2034. The 63 GW of electric energy produced by French nuclear plants they will have to find clean sources. France, by 2050, again based on négaWatt's projection, could also supplant the fossil fuels through development plans ofrenewable industry andenergy efficiency.

négaWatt leaves nothing to chance and makes more accurate estimates, by 2050 theelectricity French could be derived from:

  • solar energy for a power of 81 GW
  • in and off-shore wind energy for a power of 77 GW
  • hydroelectric power for a power of 28 GW
  • Biomass, marine energy and geothermal energy play a marginal role

As part of theenergy efficiency, the négaWatt team proposes a chemical process known as the "methanation ", consists in the production of methane synthetic from other energy sources. This methane could then be stored together with the existing gas.

Negawatt's reports are extremely detailed. Lovers of the French language might find this reading interesting, the keywords are simplicity, efficiency and renewable.

Video: Construction of PV power plant in Cestas, France (October 2020).