From Piedmont, super-powerful engines for the jets of the future

There environmental sustainability it must not exclude any sector, not even that aeronautical. While in Russia thesolar energy for air transport, in Italy the focus is onenergy efficiency with the development of engines super-powerful and environmentally friendly.

There European Commission, for the development of the aeronautical sector, has set strategic objectives for sustainability. To persevere these objectives, programs have been established, among these is the Green Engine for Air Traffic 2020 (GREAT 2020). The GREAT 2020 program is promoted by Piedmont Aerospace District Committee and is co-financed by the Piedmont region.

The protagonist - leader - of GREAT 2020 is the company Avio, founded in Italy and world leader in the development and production of components and systems for aeronautics. The purpose of the GREA program is to develop innovative technologies for i aircraft engines next generation.

The goal is pursued by various companies in the aerospace supply chain and high-tech companies present in the territory of Piemonte region. The companies involved can count on the collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin and research institutions such as ISTEC-CNR.

This network of expertise has its roots in 2009 and is currently involved in the design of a engine that makes the "Sustainable air mobility". We work on the most innovative materials, on combustion and mechanical transmission systems up to manufacturing processes, all with a key to reading as much as possible. environmental possible: you aim for energy saving and to reduction of harmful emissions without neglecting the reduction ofnoise pollution which has always characterized the means by air.

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