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National Energy Strategy: better, but the knots remain

The ministers of the environment Corrado Clini and Economic Development Corrado Passera yesterday, March 14, presented the long-awaited National Energy Strategy. The text is the result of a long (and appreciable) consultation phase that involved more than 100 associations met and 800 online contributions.

What's new? Compared to the version launched for consultation in October 2012, the objectives set for the energies renewable and for theenergy efficiency, albeit with some downward filings. Particularly photovoltaics appear to be penalized, almost halved in its development.

Some second improvements OPEN Renewable Energy Producers Association - concern a greater emphasis on the trajectories of post-2020 decarbonisation, a clear indication for our country to take a leading role in Europe and the hoped-for introduction of cost-benefit analysis, to quantify the impacts of SEN on the electricity and gas sectors.

Instead, there is still a lack of indication of the implementation tools to achieve the objectives. In particular, there is a lack of effective measures both to accompany the renewable sector to the grid parity both to speed up the flood integration of renewables in the electricity market.

In both cases, the document presented by the ministers provides some suggestions, but not an organic medium-term vision. In electrical sector how to get out of the situation is not clarified overcapacity which constitutes an element of strong conflict of interests between therenewables and the conventional sources.

We share the opinion of APER when it states that: so that the green economy can continue its growth path in the coming years will require further significant efforts. The new Parliament has the advantage of a good document and we all hope that convergence can be found to enable economic and employment development in the green sector and pursue the environmental interests of the country.

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