A seat on the XXL dog train

Green light for dogs of all sizes on Italo trains of Ntv without limitations of times, sizes and connections. The good news is for XXL dogs, and their owners of course: after an experimental phase that included an hourly limitation to train transport of dogs (from 10 to 16) to avoid crowding at peak times, from today they can travel on all 50 Italo daily connections.

The service, which has been studied and shared with the main animal welfare associations, Enpa is Lav, With the'National Association of Italian Veterinarians (ANMVI) and with the National Federation of Italian Veterinary Orders (FNOVI), can be booked 24 hours in advance of the travel date, through the Pronto Italo contact center.

The price for the dog transport it is equal to 30% of the basic or economy ticket of smart and earlier class (depending on availability), or to 20 euros, fixed price, if the owner chooses to travel in the club class lounge. The passage in a special pet carrier remains free as always. The owner of the dog is provided with a special kit with hypoallergenic sanitizing mat where the dog can comfortably crouch.

With the Ntv fleet fully booked, from the end of March there are 50 daily connections with which to travel alongside Fido. Italo connects 12 stations in 9 cities: Salerno, Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Padua, Venice. And from June, the network grows and Italo will also run on the Adriatic line along the Milan-Bologna-Rimini-Ancona.

Pronto Italo contact center 060708

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