McLaren P1, the hybrid supercar

McLaren P1, the hybrid supercar

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Until recently, fans of car competitions they mocked racing car electrified and they didn't look kindly either electric cars like the Nissan Leaf or hybrid like the Toyota Prius. The automotive landscape has changed and today, electrify a racing car it has become quite a popular procedure with builders.

The change in trend was dictated by car as the Tesla Model S, the Acura NSX and the electric Mercedes SLS AMG. These cars proved that even the electric propulsion it can create powerful, attractive and snappy cars. There Mclaren P1 it is the latest example of power with propulsion electric.


There McLaren P1 it's a electric supercar which debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The supercar will make its track debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, to be held in July. The vehicle it's a hybrid plug-in which uses a 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo engine from the 12C mated to a very powerful electric motor leading to a combined power of 916 horsepower and 900 Nm of maximum torque (662 Nm of torque). The name "P1"Could only be more appropriate, it stands for"first place”And is one of the many references that the McLaren ago to F1.

There McLaren P1 it is capable of reaching 350 km / h, a maximum speed that has been electronically limited. It can reach 100 km / h in less than three seconds and 200 km / h in less than seven seconds and if that's not enough, with the electric supercar P1 300 km / h can be reached in less than 17 seconds! The electric motor manages to give an extra boost and the aerodynamics take care of the rest: the P1 supercar is not low, but very low, made with lightweight materials, including carbon fiber. There McLaren P1 it is fitted with very thin LED lights, has an essential interior and looks like a jewel of technology: it is a pity that only 375 motorists will be lucky enough to be able to drive it!


Video: McLaren P1 vs Modded GTR drag race! (June 2022).


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