Flight USA, electric bikes

The differences between the various electric bikes they can be big, just like cars. In our country, the only factor that does not differ between the electric bicycles is the maximum speed that cannot exceed 25 km / h but there are many variations, starting with the aesthetics, the shock absorbers, the weight, the materials used, the range, the engine ...

A few days after the release of the first BMW electric bike, the market welcomes a new model of electric bicycle which for characteristics and elegance can be compared to the one produced by the German car manufacturer. This time the protagonist is an American company, Flight USA, which offers two models of electric bicycle, Flight ECB-B and Flight ECB-A. The difference lies in the fork and the shock absorber which makes the ECB-B model more suitable for urban routes.


The Flight USA electric bikes they are equipped with a 250w brushless electric motor (without brushes). Remember that the brushless motor is less prone to breakdowns and does not require maintenance. The electric thruster is powered by a lithium ion battery which guarantees an autonomy ranging from 55 km to 35 km, depending on the chosen driving mode. The riding modes can be activated via the control panel located on the handlebar, they include:

  • ECO Mode - a mode a energy saving where the pedaling is only partially assisted. The electric range reaches up to 55 km.
  • NORMAL Mode - in this mode the autonomy of the pedal assistance goes up to 45 km
  • SPORT Mode - an energy saving mode yes… but for the cyclist! The cyclist saves effort and can travel up to 35 km.


The maximum speed is 25 km / h, therefore the electric bike it can also be purchased from us Europeans. L'Ebike Flight USA have aluminum teal and have a weight of 19 kg. The manufacturer does not mention the cost but accepts orders and price list requests. There BMW electric bike costs € 2,599 and we expect something similar from Flight USA.

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