KTM electric scooters and motorcycles

The Austrian manufacturer, KTM, is making other proposals in the field of electric propulsion. The European brand is world famous above all for its off-road motorcycles. It was founded in 1934 and has a long experience in the field of two-wheeled vehicles: racing bikes, scooter, off-road and for some time also with electric scooters.

On the occasion of the Tokyo Salon, the Austrian house presented one electric scooter designed for sports souls who need to move around the city. Is called E-Speed and it is lively in color, elegant in shape and reliable in performance.

E-Speed it is equipped with an inchronous magnet motor, liquid cooled and with a torque of 36 nm and a power of 11 kW which powers the rear wheel by means of a belt transmission. L'electric energy is provided to engine through a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 4.36 kWh. The battery charges in two hours with a simple 220V socket, the one required by European standards. The E-Speed ​​electric scooter it is capable of reaching a speed of about 85 km / h. The electric scooter provides an energy recovery system during braking. We don't know when and if it is E-Speed ​​electric scooter it will reach the market but the CEO of the KTM company seems to leave us a lot of hope.

KTM is not new to the industry electric mobility. We have already seen it with Freeride E, la electric motorcycle with a 300-volt battery and a synchronous brushless motor capable of delivering a power of 29 horsepower and about 32 ft.-lb of torque, to make the idea a electric motorcycle able to stand up against one scooter with a 125 cc thermal engine but with about double the torque.

Freeride E, according to the KTM data sheet, would have an operating time of about 90 minutes but the rider could decide to change the battery, this can be easily replaced by means of a quick change system. As standard, the Freeride IS offers 21-inch motocross front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels.

Video: KTM Electric Scooter Concept E-SPEED (October 2020).