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American oak at the Erasmus University

The wood, we never tire of saying it, is one of the oldest building materials. Self certificate and coming from programmed cuts (there are strict international norms in this sense) is also ecological. It is therefore not surprising that wood is widely used in construction and architecture, even in restorations, today more than first sight the rediscovery of natural materials.

In the restoration of building A ofErasmus University of Rotterdam, an internationally recognized research center for its high level of teaching, about 3500 square meters of red oak ceilings American, including the external ceilings under the main arcades.

The strips of massive red oak, of 15 mm. thick for 70 mm. wide, they are mounted in a technological system of metal structures that can be easily dismantled to access the underlying technical system. The ends of the strips are connected to each other through pre-machined tapped grooves and the grooves on the back of the panels have fixing nails, a connection method guarantees durable and invisible joints.

In building C of the same university, which can accommodate up to 2,300 students who attend different seminars and conferences at the same time, restored in December 2012, more than 3000 square meters of massive American red oak ceilings they were installed both inside, in the large atrium, and outside under the protrusions of the buildings and conference rooms.

The Erasmus University of Rotterdam was built in the 1970s with the style of 'brutalist' architecture and massive use of concrete. After this restoration program commissioned to the architect Gerard Frishert, in which it is done extensive use of American red oak wood, the campus looks fresh and modern. A new student pavilion is currently under construction and will serve as a focal point in the center of the campus. The entire restoration and new construction plan should be completed in 2016.

Video: Erasmus University Rotterdam - Student Housing (October 2020).