Streetscooter DHL to deliver the mail

Streetscooter it's a electric vehicle innovative built specifically for parcel and mail delivery. The idea comes from the German DHL, one of the world's largest logistics operators. More will be known in the coming days as DHL has organized a Innovation Day to present it to the press throughout Europe.

There logistics sustainability is at the center of the attention of service providers and their customers. Environmentally sustainable means, devices and processes save money but also make a difference when it comes to signing important contracts, especially with the public administration.

Like the logistics operators address the issue? How do they develop innovative solutions? And above all, what are their plans for the future? Some answers can be obtained from the visit to StreetScooter GmbH in Aachen, near Boon, where the general manager Achim Kampker is Joachim Wessels, member of the board of Mail Division of DHL Deutsche Post, they will explain the Streetscooter project.

L'Innovation Day DHL is scheduled for 24-25 at the DHL Innovation Center, in the Bonn and Cologne area, and will serve to present the latest trends (including 3D printing) and global logistics scenarios expected for 2050. Curiosity: As evidence of the fact that DHL is an innovative company, during the day the German company will reward the most innovative customer, employee and technician of the year with the Innovation Award ceremony

Video: Deutsche Post StreetScooter WORK XL Electric Delivery Van (October 2020).