Energy saving

Toshiba and Landys + Gyr make smart light

More and more comfortable and safe spaces in the heart of smart city, but not only. In the 21st century city, buildings, parking lots and streets will be equipped with solutions that detect motion, temperature (rain, heat, fog) and sunlight level (day and night).

Interpreting several parameters, the public infrastructure for lighting they will be able, for example, to turn on themselves, intensify the brightness or report maintenance problems. Greater livability and savings.

It is with this view in mind that Toshiba Lighting, pioneer in the market of LED, announced a collaboration with Landis + Gyr, leader in the production of smart counters, with the aim of conceiving and building the city of the twenty-first century. Objective: intelligent lighting, based on automatic and optimized information management.

The advantages for the local authorities who choose intelligent lighting they are: better management of costs and reduction of maintenance; better quality of light in cities; improvement of street furniture; greater safety for citizens thanks to automated continuous lighting solutions; better social responsibility thanks to recyclable lamps that exclude the presence of mercury.

The new approach to outdoor lighting is made possible by the development of LED solutions increasingly efficient combined with the control offered by intelligent lighting systems. Toshiba has been launching LED lighting solutions in Europe for three years and is now one of the market leaders.

Toshiba Lighting's initiative for the cities of tomorrow is also an integral part of the project called Environmental Vision 2050, which aims at the production of new technologies by minimizing theenvironmental impact. Toshiba's developed LEDs, combined with Landis + Gyr's intelligent lighting systems, result in a transition to much more environmentally friendly products.

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