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Low energy consumption HD TV

L'EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is a environmental assessment of electronic products and serves as a reference for consumers who want to understand the effect a product has on the environment. L'EPEAT evaluates each electronic product on the basis of over 50 criteria that determine itsefficiency and the environmental sustainability. THE HD televisions require a large amount of electricity to transmit high definition images, despite this need, thanks to the latest innovations, the EPEAT Registry is also counting models of HD TV.

THE televisions, as well as all other electronic products, to enter the EPEAT register must meet 24 criteria "standard" and mandatory and 29 optional criteria. The companies LG Electronics is Samsung, had the honor of being the first house to enter the EPEAT register with their own HD TV.

The EPEAT jury analyzed the entire life cycle of HD TV Samsung and LG, not just the energy consumption but it also assessed which materials were used, the presence of toxic substances, the design, the longevity of the product, the life and impact of the packaging and the disassembly and recyclability criteria of the materials. The EPEAT register it is gradually expanding. At first, the register controlled and only evaluated computer, monitors and appliances. Two months ago, printers were also added to the EPEAT register and a few days ago the evaluation of HD TV.

Only in the United States, since 2006, buyers who have chosen EPEAT certified products have given a lot of help to the environment. The choice of products on the EPEAT register has saved as many emissions as 11 million vehicles in transit in the USA would have produced in a single year! The clean cut didn't just involve the greenhouse gas emissions, if consumers had chosen “unlisted” products they would have produced more than 394,000 tons of Hazardous waste and nearly 167,000 tons of solid waste, equivalent to the waste produced annually by approximately 86,000 US households.

The comments and communications from the company were not long in coming Samsung and of LG, Wayne PArk, CEO and President of LG Electronics is proud that his company is among the first to meet the criteria in the category TV of EPEAT.

Video: Power Consumption of Typical Household Appliances. Prof. Asokan S. PHCET (October 2020).