Around the world aboard the solar airplane

Is called Solar Impulse and it is living proof that thesolar power can also play a crucial role in the context ofaviation. Solar Impulse takes advantage of thesolar power to fly both day and night, he began his mission in 2010, in Dübendorf, where he completed his first night flight. In 2011 Solar Impulse made its first international flight in Belgium and France, while last year completed the first intercontinental crossing from Europe to Morocco. The goal for this 2013 is to completely solve the United States but the ultimate goal will be achieved in 2015 when with Solar Impulse it will go around the world.

L'solar power it can and must be introduced in the transport sector. Our way of conceiving the mobility can completely change e Solar Impulse it is only the most striking example. We saw it with the solar-powered car that can travel 47 meters per second and with the solar catamaran that landed in Cagliari last summer. This does not mean that i vehicles of the future will be carpeted by solar panels (although with the advent of transparent photovoltaics it might be possible!), it means making room for new technologies, today's innovations can give life to sensational creations.

Solar Impulse is crossing the skies of the earth and is doing so without the help of fossil fuels. The question arises: does the world really need the Petroleum? Alternatives are already available, the question seems to be merely economic. Scientific research must strive to transform already existing innovations into accessible technologies. Solar Impulse it is not and will not be a means of mass transport but can be seen as a revolutionary laboratory steering wheel.

First there was the world tour, then the world tour with an electric car powered by renewable sources, then the crossings of a solar-powered boat and soon we will see the world tour aboard an airplane powered exclusively by Sun! Is not it fantastic?

Video: Fly Across America with Solar Impulse: San Francisco to New-York - Best-Of (October 2020).