It's time for energy storage

L'energy storage, understood as the possibility of storing self-produced energy, is the next challenge for the photovoltaic systems as well as one of the most interesting market sectors for the next few years. According to a study published by IMS Research based on interviews with 400 photovoltaic buyers in Italy, Germany and the UK, 40% of the plants built by 2015 will be equipped with storage.

L'energy storage it is a very interesting market segment in Italy because photovoltaics have grown a lot in our country in recent years, even beyond expectations. Saturday 9 March 2013, the GSE announced that the number of plants installed has exceeded 500 thousand for a total generated power of over 17 GW. Exactly five years ago, in April 2008, there were not even 10 thousand photovoltaic plants in Italy and three years ago, in 2010, the achievement of the first GW was announced with satisfaction compared to just over 70 thousand plants.

L'energy storage is also interesting in light of the fact that the accumulation market it is almost non-existent at the moment, solely due to too high battery prices. The obstacle is purely economic in nature and operators are waiting for nothing more than a decrease in price of accumulators to include them in the offer package of their projects.

According to the IMS survey, 60% of respondents consider a photovoltaic system equipped with batteries forenergy storage even in the face of an increased cost of 10 to 29% compared to a system without accumulation; for one in three respondents, the surcharge for a photovoltaic system equipped with storage could go even beyond 30%, provided it is efficient.

It is mainly in the sector of residential photovoltaic that battery suppliers expect demand for energy storage explodes, which is why they are studying products suitable for this type of demand. California is introducing the obligation for utility photovoltaic systems to have storage systems, and Grmania has also announced that it wants to do so. In this case we are obviously talking about systems of energy storage of a larger scale.

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