Safety and smog: it depends on the tires

A car with tires in order it is safer and consumes less, consequently it produces less smog. The safety, economic and environmental benefits of tires in orderHowever, they are not well known enough: more than half of the cars on the road travel with under-inflated tires.

A car with under-inflated tires consumes 3% to 15% more fuel. In 2012, more than 100 million tons of CO₂ were released into the atmosphere in Italy, a number that could drop significantly (from 3 million to 15 million tons) with the only correct tire inflation.

Even the correct season change of tires it is important for environmental purposes. The winter tires used in the summer does not make the car less safe, but they wear out more and this increases the level of pollutants that ends up in the air (which adds to the economic damage for the car owner).

The issue is important and started the campaign Tires ok: + safety - smog organized by Assogomma is Federpneus but shared and supported, for its social value, also by the municipality of Milan.

The second of the campaign, which began on Tuesday 9 April, was presented at Palazzo Marino by the Councilor for Mobility and the Environment Pierfrancesco Maran, by the President of Assogomma Ermanno Fugazza and by the director of Assogomma Fabio Bertolotti.

Countryside Tires ok: + safety - smog expects that throughout Milan it will be involved in the initiative through the approximately 50 adherent tire dealers identified by a window sticker at the entrance to the store. At these tire dealers, you can find out about the advantages of a correct seasonal equipment for road safety purposes and carry out a free visual inspection of the tires and inflation.

In the meantime, it may happen that on the cars still equipped with winter tires parked in the streets of Milan, clothes hangers with the message 'The time has come for the change of season'. Those who show up with this invitation at the points of sale for a new tire set will receive a ticket for the 2012/2013 matches of the EA7 Olimpia Milano championship, supporter of the initiative.

Consult the list of tire specialists participating in the initiative

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