Milan capital of electric mobility

ElettroCity Store in via Foppa in Milan will be the largest electric vehicle store in Europe

Give her pedal assisted bicycles at electric cars with all possible use formulas: purchase, short and long-term rental, leasing, sharing. Opens at Milan the day Saturday 20 April the largest multi-brand sales, rental and service show in electric vehicles in Europe. It will be called Elettrocity Store and aims to radically change city mobility.

Elettrocity Store Milan (in via Foppa 49) will host in 10 showrooms the offer of 25 selected companies with the best electric vehicles and the most innovative and accessible electric charging infrastructure available in Italy. No more excuses, for those who live and move around the city owning an electric vehicle will become a convenient, exciting and liberating experience.

Elettrocity Store Milan it is an opening who bets on the civil maturity of Milan and on its desire to get transformed to Expo 2015- declares Paolo Manzoni, founding partner of Elettrocity - an initiative that invites you to look to the future with new eyes, beginning to reduce pollution, noise, oil dependence, the increasingly senseless waste of income and resources of an urban mobility that progresses too slowly towards acceptable standards of sustainability ”.

Elettrocity Store Milan will be a landmark of electric mobility because about a hundred different electric vehicles will be tested and on sale, chosen with particular attention to quality and favoring the best Italian and European production. The nice thing is that the vehicles will often be offered on test drive to the Milanese in national preview, even before the official start of marketing in Italy.

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