Urbee 2, the car produced with 3D printing

Urbee 2, the car produced with 3D printing

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How do you imagine an establishment for the car production?
Maybe you have in mind a long assembly line made up of robotic arms that emit sparks to weld heavy steel components ... I imagine it like this too, but if I think about the work of Jim Kor the scenario changes drastically. Jim Kor is a mechanical engineer and is exploiting the great potential of the 3D printers to produce Automobiles light, low cost and ad high energy efficiency.

The dream of Jim Kor came to life with Urbee 2. Urbee 2 could revolutionize the production of cars but in reality the real turning point comes from 3D printers, thanks to which a user can self-produced anything from a robot humanoid to means of transport! Those with a more limited fantasy may believe one three-dimensional printer can only produce small objects such as smartphone covers, sunglasses, stands for objects ... the reality is very different, with the 3D printing you can create everything! If you have space problems, don't worry… you can produce the various components and then assemble them! You got it right, in other words, with one 3D printer you can set up a small establishment for the car production even in the home garage!

With Urbee 2 the approach to automotive mechanics has changed. Until now, engineers have focused on the development of engine increasingly powerful and efficient, suitable for towing a heavy steel body. Jim Kor's approach focuses on physics, the efficiency of the motors increases if the weight to be transported is less, we can already see this with the use of carbon fiber, let alone when a car produces the car 3D printed!

How was the car produced?
Kor is at the computer, he starts making plans… he draws a door, then a bumper and… off with the press! After a short time here is its bumper, ready to be assembled with the other components. When building a component, the three-dimensional printer acts with extreme precision and can add thickness and stiffness to specific sections. By applying these features to the right places, you can make a fender or bonnet as strong as your car's!

The materials used for the Urbee 2 car print they are plastic, only some components are metallic including the engine and the frame. The engine is a hybrid but don't expect a large amount of horses, theUrbee car 2 it is very light, has three wheels and it doesn't take much to make it snap! The electric motor mounted by the prototype is 36 volts. Urbee 2 required a total of 50 prints, in fact it is made from 50 components!

Video: URBEE 1st 3D Printed Car Body (June 2022).


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