Bicycle lock, useful tips

To avoid the theft of your bicycle there are precise rules to respect…. but we are often not very careful in parking it safely, partly due to our fault and partly due to the lack of suitable public bicycle racks.

The bicycle theft it is fought effectively by respecting three fundamental elements:

  1. the place where you park your bike
  2. a good mechanical anti-theft device
  3. identification of the bicycle

Here is a list of bicycle locks with their own characteristics:

  • Fixed padlock. It is a metal bead or rod attached to the frame to be inserted into the rear wheel that blocks it. Obviously, the effectiveness is zero, since the bicycle can be lifted easily
  • Circular metal cable. It is a colored plastic coated metal cable with key or combination lock. Also in this case the effectiveness is zero since it can be cut with a common cutter. The padlock is by far the weakest point of the entire system since a person of average build might even be able to force it simply by pulling the two ends in the opposite direction.
  • Coiled metal cable. It is extendable and allows you to adapt its length according to the needs of attachment to poles or racks, but also in this case there is an incorporated padlock which represents the weak element. Useful for attaching parts, such as wheels, to the frame
  • Steel chain with square link and cylindrical lock. It is a chain with a strong lock. It's a Theft Protection quite effective but has the drawback of weighing too much.
  • Steel U-lock. It is among the best burglar alarms on the market and is convenient to carry. It can be opened only cut with a flexible or blowtorch, to avoid those that are too cheap, the most common are the Abus and the Kryptonite. Its effectiveness is excellent but be careful not to buy it too big: if there is enough space, you can put on a jack and open it.

In addition to a good anti-theft, it is advisable to register the bike at Italian Bike Register, a public and free national registry on which you can register your own data bicycle linking them to name, surname and other personal information. In this way, the police are able to recognize one bicycle stolenand to return it to the rightful owner.

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