Wind power

From Holland Ewicon the bladeless wind turbine

Research onwind power it never stops in the Netherlands and thanks to Dutch scientists, conventional wind turbines can be replaced by a prototype without traditional rotating blades. This is demonstrated by the latest research from Delft University of Technology, in collaboration with Mecanoo Architects, grappling with the innovative turbine ready to challenge the future, as the University motto says.

The new model of wind turbine is called Ewicon (acronym for Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter) and has nothing of the appearance of a traditional turbine since it is a system without moving parts, capable of creating potential energy by exploiting charged particles, in this case, water droplets.

How the new works Ewicon generator?
The innovative discovery, designed to cope with some disadvantages that characterize current wind farms, consists of a rectangular steel frame containing a grid of pipes, each of which is equipped with different electrodes and nozzles. There are small holes that have the task of releasing positively charged water particles into the atmosphere which are quickly carried away by the wind, consequently changing the voltage of the device and creating an electric field.

The advantages?
Anything noise pollution also caused by the rotation of the blades Ewicon it would save on maintenance work to limit the damage caused by the force of the wind and exposure to the elements: since it has no moving mechanical parts it is more durable and resistant to wear, greatly improving its energy efficiency, both for onshore and offshore installations.
Thanks to its particular design it integrates perfectly with urban areas, as it fits perfectly with theand architectural structures typical of the most modern metropolises, traditional installations will no longer be needed wind turbines in rural areas that often disfigure the landscape.

A scale model of the Ewicon it was exhibited throughout the month of March outside the Delft Faculty of Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Engineering.

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