Recycle waste at home

Natural resources are rapidly depleting and the weight of waste is inexorably suffocating the environment in which we live! It can give new life to waste in the house? Not only is it possible, it is also necessary. We need to strengthen the recycling and bring the amount of waste recycled over the 60% threshold: this is required by the European Union legislation which established that by 2016 biodegradable urban waste present in rubbish dump will have to be reduced to 35%. What to do? Begin at recycle waste at home in the right way.

Recycle waste at home, paper
Newspapers, magazines, notebooks, paper bags, old books, wrapping paper, packaging cardboard, photocopies, and the like must be disposed of in the paper containers. Greaseproof paper, carbon paper, wax paper, and any type of paper are excluded: greasy paper and cardboard and used paper handkerchiefs go to the separate collection of the organic fraction.

Recycle waste at home, plastic
Empty plastic containers, bottles and bottles for beverages, bottles of products for washing linen and dishes, bottles of household cleaning products with the initials PET, PVC, PE must be disposed of in the plastic container, possibly rinsed, crushed in the direction of length and closed with their stopper. Plastic plates, glasses and cutlery are excluded.

Recycle waste at home, aluminum
Spray cans with the abbreviation AL, lacquer containers, food containers, such as cream or chocolate,
Containers for the storage of food, silver paper and caps and capsules of oil or wine bottles must be disposed of in the aluminum container: the containers should preferably be cleaned first.
The situation changes for the cans of paints and chemical materials as they must be disposed of as special waste being toxic and dangerous.

Recycle waste at home, more
Expired batteries and medicines must be disposed of in the special containers located near pharmacies and tobacconists. Used oil, after filtering it, must be disposed of at the collection center of the Compulsory Consortium of Used Oils (Coou): you can also contact your trusted gas station, who will dispose of it together with those produced by them.

That's if you want to help the environment you have to start with the right one recycling of household waste, among other things on the market there are some containers made for the separation of materials already at home, colored and space-saving, which can make the task easier.

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