Energy saving

Temperature in the house, more efficiency is needed

In Italy, the economic crisis has forced many families to give up heating, on the one hand, we are talking about fuel poverty and on the other of energy efficiency. The concept of energy saving, for many Italians, it is almost exclusively linked to the reduction in the hours of use of electrical equipment. A good culture has not yet taken root energy saving linked toefficiency real, to the optimization of resources and intelligent consumption.

The heating systems managed more efficiently and with respect for the environment, they help preserve the planet's natural resources and ensure more accessible bill costs. According to a Honeywell research, only half of the sample interviewed installed a temperature regulation system based on time schedules. The Honeywell study involved approximately 1,000 end-user and installer subjects covering both detached homes and condominiums.

The thermostat and the thermostatic heads have a diffusion that is around 18% and only 14% of the sample interviewed uses the autonomous heating zone that allows the timely monitoring of domestic heat with a consistent savings on heating costs. Honeywell interviewed users who have already had an approach with the automatic adjustment solutions of the Home heating, certainly the estimates would drop dramatically if a random population sample were to be interviewed.

In Italy, due to the economic crisis, who could have preferred to rediscover stoves and fireplaces just to avoid the sting of the bill. According to the latest Istat data, the consumption of firewood has increased by 26% compared to 10 years ago. Expenses related to heating and domestic cooling, are the ones that affect the most bills at home, yet we are in the era ofsustainable building where there is no lack insulating panels, thin films for windows and where the market is able to offer heating systems capable of guaranteeing cost savings and comfort.

One example among many is the system evohome which allows the intelligent distribution of heat that can be associated with all types of heating systems: underfloor, radiator, heat pump, boilers ... Not to mention the possibility of using thegeothermal energy to regulate the home temperature!

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