Energy saving

Heating room by room

How do we heat our home? Did you know that with a 'intelligent' management of domestic heating you can save a lot on energy bill and also improve the level of comfort? To benefit, in addition to wallets and health, would be the environment: in Italy there are 25 million homes (according to Euroconstruct - December 2012) where about 19 million boilers are installed (here the source is Cresme - 2010): just think to collective savings and less pollution if we could manage them all a little better ...

Society tried to study the relationship, sometimes conflicting, between Italians and home heating Honeywell, not by chance among the leaders in the creation of solutions for automatic regulation, which in recent days presented the results of a research on about 1,000 subjects between end users (owners of independent homes and residents in condominiums in equal proportions) and thermo-hydraulic installers .

We talk about it because it seems useful to us to deepen the topic: heating systems managed more efficiently and while respecting the environment, they help preserve the planet's natural resources and improve the lives of its inhabitants, without counting the benefits (and who forgets them!) on cost savings.

The first figure that emerges from the research is that over half of the interviewees, 55.7% to be precise, installed a chronothermostat with temperature regulation based on hourly programs. The thermostat (which allows temperature control without time programs) and the thermostatic heads on the other hand, they have a circulation of around 18%.

The autonomous zone heating, the only system that allows timely monitoring and total control of domestic heat, with substantial savings on heating costs, is used by only 14% of the interviewed sample. However, it is also the newest and for this reason less known solution among those existing on the market.

The interesting thing is that, as the research shows, only 50% of plumbing and heating installers say they offer their customers the installation of zone regulation systems at the expense of more obsolete solutions that do not guarantee the optimization of temperature management in the home. It is interesting because, this being the case, the foundations are laid for a turnaround with the transition from the installation of classic chronothermostats to more efficient solutions such as zone heating systems.

Finally, the research reveals that plumbing and heating installers consider the room-by-room temperature management the most important feature to be evaluated in a new, more efficient domestic heating regulation system. There are solutions on the market that allow the intelligent operation of a system by controlling up to eight different areas of the apartment, compatible with all heating systems (underfloor, radiator, with any type of boiler or heat pump).

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