Energy saving

SUNSHINE: the system that optimizes energy consumption

SUNSHINE is a system that informs people on how to adjust their daily behavior for optimize the use of energy, without sacrificing your comfort. A source of information (geographic and weather) updated in real time that makes it possible good resource use practices.

The goal with which SUNSHINE was created is to respond to real energy needs (of cities and single structures according to the comfort of the inhabitants) allowing to reduce waste and increase the energy and economic savings.

Science fiction? No, SUNSHINE has already been operational since February 2013 (the project is funded byCIP program of the European Commission) and the experimentation will last 3 years, bringing together 16 technology partners (including an ESCO and a weather forecast company) and 10 pilot bodies from Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, United Kingdom, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

How does it work SUNSHINE? There ICT component it is fundamental: the platform analyzes in an integrated form the geographical and structural data of the buildings available to local authorities (year and type of construction, position with respect to the morphology of the territory, exposure to atmospheric agents, etc.), updated meteorological information and data on energy consumption , which companies like ESCOs manage every day.

What are the possible applications of SUNSHINE? Basically three: therequalification of the existing building stock aimed at energy efficiency of buildings and systems; better calibrate the heating and air conditioning of the rooms and the correct management of the plants; L'optimization of public lighting consumption.

Who are the promoters of SUNSHINE? Engine of the project isGraphiTech Foundation, applied research center operating in the computer graphics sector, which is also coordinator of the initiative at European level; alongside itSinergis Srl, society of Dedagroup ICT Network specialized in the development of territorial information systems e Trentino Network, manager of the telecommunications networks of the province of Trento.

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