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Apple Campus of Cupertino

Work on the new headquarters Apple they will have to wait another year. In November, Apple presented design changes for what will be its headquarters, a Cupertino, California. The proposed changes see, among other things, a review of theenvironmental impact and may lead to a delay that will go as far as June 2013, at least that's what the Venture Beat report reported.

Consequently, if the finalization of the design of the works ends in the summer of 2013, the structure will see its completion no earlier than 2015. The headquarters Apple it will rise on an area of ​​176 acres. The Apple project can include numerous features green and will be able to accommodate more than 13,000 employees.


L'Apple said his goal is to set up a Campus that will use 100% renewable energy, in the design phase there are buildings of the “net zero” structure, therefore self-sufficient. In Apple campus they will not fail fuel cells, biogas plants and roofs photovoltaic with a capacity of 8 MW. The energy efficiency of the Apple headquarters includes natural ventilation, passive cooling and heating systems.

Across the entire facility, Apple expects to circulate around 300 electric vehicles with various displacement charging stations in the center. There will be no shortage of drought-resistant green spaces on campus. The site in total will count 7,000 trees, one thousand of which are already on site. The Apple campus aims at energy efficiency cut the need to move: a 60,000-square-meter restaurant will be built within the campus capable of accommodating 2,100 employees, plus there will be outdoor dining areas that can accommodate another 1,750 workers.


The water saving it is still a hot topic: Apple is currently making agreements with the nearby city of Sunnyvale to define a program to recycle the water. There will be a low-flow system to reduce the water consumption 30%. And i waste? Apple is really good at waste management, it will apply its reuse and recycling programs also in the future Apple Campus of Cupertino.

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