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Green Banking, an engine for the relaunch

Green Banking, an engine for the relaunch

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The Green Banking it could represent an important tool to overcome the crisis. This discipline, introduced in the 90s byUNEP (United Nations Environment Program) analyzes the potential of the banking sector in developing asustainable economy.

In Italy many banks are developing new intervention tools and reorienting themselves in favor of sustainability, demonstrating an ability to renew its products and business practices. This is a fact.

However the Green Banking does not only concern the banking sector, it represents a resource for the entire economy: banks can help convey the values ​​of respect for the environment and at the same time help the green sector to develop, with specific credit lines dedicated to green-oriented projects.

What exactly is Green Banking about? The discipline examines two distinct aspects of the environmental sustainability of the banking sector.

First, there are the indirect impacts of environmental sustainability and that is the delicate system of the bank's relationship with the market and with families, businesses and public administrations.

The proposal of a ethical and sustainable bank account to families, or subsidized financing a business initiatives based on sustainability they can help to convey values ​​and give economic impetus to growth.

Not only that: in a context in which customers show a growing interest in environmental issues, the adoption of green practices it can become a promotional tool, contributing to the improvement of a bank's reputation.

Then there are the direct impacts of environmental sustainability that is, those deriving from the bank's organizational structure and relating to its consumption, its procedures, its practices. In this narrower area, action can be taken by opening a review of company policies in the name of efficiency and ecology.

The Green Banking therefore represents an interesting theme for banking institutions, but also for institutions and companies that want to adopt a more forward-looking and attentive overall vision balanced and environmentally friendly development.

The June 13 It will take place in Milan an important event dedicated to this theme: the Seventh Edition of Green Globe Banking. Participating in the event (of which IdeeGreen is a media partner) offers the opportunity to explore this issue and find out how banks can contribute to Sustainable Development.

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Video: Green Banks: Financing the Low-Carbon Future (June 2022).


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