Germany, incentives for energy storage start

The Irex Annual Report has just shown how political support could guarantee the Italian energy market an economic return of 49 billion euros. Germany was more ready and in addition to supporting the clean energy with incentives aimed at the installation of photovoltaic systems ed wind turbines, has embarked on a new strategy line with the announcement of incentives for energy storage.

Energy storage it means strengthening networks, creating jobs, selling CO2 quotas and decreasing the fuel risk linked to the price fluctuation of fossil fuels. Germany concluded the plan last February, the incentives for energy storage it will be fully operational from next May. In other words, from May 1st it will be possible to buy storage systems for implants photovoltaic with a subsidy of 660 € / kW of solar energy produced.

Germany's plans see an increase in grid capacity by 66% with a consequent reduction in energy production by 40%. To guarantee stability to the market, Germany has created a new federal association dedicated to energy storage. For this 2013, they were "Set aside" 25 million euros donated by the German State Bank KfW.

The incentives for energy storage will be able to cover about 30% of the costs of energy storage systems. The storage system will need to be connected to a photovoltaic system with a maximum capacity of 30 kW, the system must enter at least 60% of theclean energy produced to the grid and the rest can be stored in the battery. THE energy storage systems which can be purchased with government incentives must be covered by a warranty for at least 7 years, in order to ensure long-term correct operation. The German law ai incentives for energy storage is transparent and very detailed, it seems to leave no room for speculation or manipulation of any kind, very soon the country will reap the benefits of this new energy strategy.

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