Mexico, a delicious dish for photovoltaics

The Mexico, thanks to its geographical position, it is a greedy territory for the sector photovoltaic. Thanks to a high average annual solar radiation, Mexico stands out in the list of the 15 countries with the highest installed capacity of photovoltaic energy worldwide. Together with the optimal geographical position, to help the spread of the photovoltaic in Mexico are the competitive costs: according to the Solarplaza report, the prices of the photovoltaic in Mexico fell by 30 percent in just one year (from 2011 to 2012) and, according to an industry expert, Arture Herrero, Chief Marketing Officer at Jinko Solar, the photovoltaic in this 2013 it is still going up.

However, the decrease in costs of solar cells in Mexico it's not a good thing for developers and businesses. Herrero operates in the sector photovoltaic Mexican for over 12 years and explains that in a certain period, the demand of the buyers was much higher than the same company productions. Today, however, production is strong, competitiveness has grown and companies find themselves lowering their prices.

If we go back to talking about solar radiation, in many regions of the Mexico, the average solar radiation is double that recorded in European countries. It is for this reason that the Mexico attracts the attention of foreign companies who want to proceed with the setting up of photovoltaic systems on its territory. Another point not to be underestimated is the massive presence of rural areas with vast expanses of countryside. According to a report made by the Italian Trade Commission and Italian Clean Technology:

In July 2007, the regulating body of the gas and electricity sector in Mexico (CRE - Regulatory Commission of Energy) approved a resolution offering investors the possibility of installing photovoltaic systems connected to the national grid on a small scale (up to 10 kWp per homes and 30kWp for companies). This interconnection is governed by the Net Metering principle, which allows offsetting the cost of electricity used with the energy supplied to the national grid.

With this program, the Mexican government seeks to establish the basic conditions that facilitate the large-scale introduction of photovoltaic systems connected to the national electricity grid.

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