Loopeheels, for bikes without spokes

The wheels Loopwheels they have been made to equip bicycles small and compact, light and particularly stable. The peculiarity of the wheels Loopwheels is that they lack the classics rays. THE rays have been replaced by a carbon fiber composite spring system, the result? A bike more stable with a mechanism that guarantees less vibrations and excellent cushioning, perfect for racing on rough roads, in the presence of holes or bumps.

The Loopwheels were created by the British engineer Sam Pearce and launched on Kickstarter through a fundraiser to obtain a loan of 4 thousand pounds. Thanks to the campaign launched on Kickstarter, cycling enthusiasts will be able to win the first prototypes of Loopwheels spokeless wheels at a price of 195 pounds for the front wheel and for 230 pounds the rear Loopwheel, which includes a 3-speed gearbox and brakes.

Shipping to Italy costs 25 pounds. The most ardent fans of two-wheeled pedals can buy a Dahon folding bike already equipped with wheels Loopwheels, in this case, however, the price rises to 950 pounds: 1120 euros on the lookout!

Loopwheels wheels are designed for those who use the bicycle in urban centers, the dimensions are 20 inches and can also be equipped on folding or electric bicycles (as long as the motor is positioned on the pedals and not on the wheel). The English engineer is working on a larger version to be able to mount the wheels without spokes also on racing bikes and mountain bikes. Sam Parce does not rule out that in the future the Loopwheels mechanism could be adapted for car wheels.

The San Parce idea was so popular that one day after the kickstarter campaign ended, over £ 57,000 was raised compared to the 40,000 required for the project. The wheel project Loopwheels will take shape today, May 15, 2013!

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