Ecological shredders

Ecological shredders

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The paper shredders is a stationery product used to cut sheets of paper into strips. THE paper shredders are recommended to avoid any fraud or identity theft. There are many types of on the market paper shredders and, even in this segment, there is no lack of an ecological category.

The price gods paper shredders it can range from a minimum of 15 euros up to or even exceed 200 euros. THE paper shredders differ from each other for various characteristics:
- paper cutting
- the materials they are able to dissect (paper, plasticized paper, card, cd ...)
- waste collectors
- energy consumption

Document shredder, cutting
THE paper shredders more common, and also cheaper, are those with strip cut. The more scrupulous may prefer a paper shredders with cross cut or fragment cut. Another factor affecting the quality of the paper shredders and then on his price is the size of the cut: the cut into fragments can give life to small pieces of paper of 3.5 mm x 40 mm while the classic strips of paper can measure approximately 6 mm.

Document shredder, the materials
As for the materials, i paper shredders low-end, they can only cut paper or plastic cards. Others paper shredders they can also cut plastic materials such as credit cards, smart cards, hard covers and CDs. This kind of paper shredders do not always go hand in hand with the environment: if the paper shredders accumulates all the materials in the same container, the user must discard the plastic from the paper to carry out the proper waste collection.

Document shredder, waste containers
Fortunately, some paper shredders they have a double ecological container capable of separating the destroyed paper from CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks and other shredded plastic materials.

Document shredder and energy
THE paper shredders they can be very energy-intensive. If the user forgets the paper shredders in current, even if this is not cutting any type of material, it will consume electric current. THE paper shredders latest generation protect the environment with a system that turns them off automatically after a few hours of inactivity. Also in this segment, energy efficiency makes itself felt by offering products with an energy saving system.

THE paper shredders low-end, if used too much, can face overheating problems, therefore it is advisable not to use them continuously. In addition, i paper shredders with prices low, they are more prone to transmission and jamming problems.

To understand which one shredder purchase, there are two main parameters to evaluate:
- the daily destructive capacity we need (how many kg of paper per day we want to cut)
- the type of material to be destroyed (only paper or also plastic?)

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