Wind power

With microturbines it is possible to bring wind power to roofs

There are many solutions to bring renewables into the home, to install wind turbines on the roof is one of them. Photovoltaics are not the only solution for roofs of homes and offices, a sector that is timidly expanding in Italy is that of micro wind turbines. The mini and micro wind turbines they allow to produce energy from the wind in small spaces comparable to those of the balcony of the house.

Not only projects and prototypes but real devices ready for installation, this is the case of the RevolutionAir micro wind turbines which in 1.45 square meters of space can produce as much as 10 meters of solar panels.

The wind turbines to be installed on roofs domestic range from 90 cm up to 140 cm in height. The small size allows for easy application without sacrificing efficiency. This kind of wind turbines they are silent and are able to produce electricity even when the wind is not blowing hard. The wind turbines of the RevolutionAir line are called Twin Blades and Triple Blades, and are models with two or three blades respectively. The two-blade model has a capacity of 400W while the three-blade model reaches 1 kW.

The wind turbines, in order to be installed on roofs homes must not only have compact dimensions and a highly silent mechanism but must also be suitable for urban areas from an aesthetic point of view. Others wind turbines to be installed on roofs domestic are those Mag Wind, wind turbines vertical axis with axial magnetic levitation system.

There are numerous domestic wind turbines on the market. Between wind turbines that you can install on roofs and balconies, the Greenerator is configured, a device that uses both wind and solar energy. The wind turbine consists of a structure lined with solar cells. Greenerator has been successfully tested and saves 6 percent annually on your electricity bill. Another promising application is the WindPod already widespread in Australia, there are also already developed products that provide wind turbines for roofs without any shovel, it is the case of the WindOrchard, already bookable from the official website of the manufacturer.

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